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Under vehicle Inspection system

UVIS aims to inspect the underside of vehicles in moving traffic. It shall be capable of operating in a (potentially harsh) outdoor environment, in all lighting conditions (day and night), image quality shall not be influenced by sunlight. The solution is capable to provide a still standing image of the complete underside of the vehicle.




The BRAU-UVS400 provides a fast, safe and effective method to scan underneath vehicles. It constitutes a major enhancement to your security portfolio - offering stand off identification of suspicious items/objects attached to vehicles, with minimal impact upon vehicle flow through control points.
• Single seamless image
• Complete coverage
• Full colour image
• High resolution shows fine detail


Under Vehicle Search Camera

The Braun BRAU-UVS100 Handheld Under Vehicle Inspection System is used for checking the whole structure under cars to check whether there are any illegal, hidden, suspicious objects attached.


  • High capacity Lithium battery for up to 7 hours operation
  • Portable design with wheels and handle for easy movement
  • Assistant LED lights for dark conditions
  • Real-time viewing on 4” LCD screen






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