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Scannig and Detection Solution

Scanning Machine




BRAU6045 Checkpoint X-Ray Inspection System

The Braun BRAU6045 is intended for visual inspection of various objects (mail, hand-held baggage and other small items) without opening them.Dual energy imaging provides automatic colour coding of materials with different atomic numbers so that screening staff can easily identify within any parcel dangerous objects or objects that are prohibited for importing (exporting) or are not declared.



 BRAU6080 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

The Braun BRAU6080 is especially designed for the visual inspection of check-in rolling baggage, handbags, boxes and parcels without opening them. The Braun BRAU6080 is provided with dual energy features, threat detection algorithms, adjustable density alert function, enhanced archive and TIP features. An ergonomic workstation with operator console provides ease-of use operation.

The Braun BRAU6080 allows identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, primers and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard.



 BRAU5030 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

 The BRAU5030 is designed for visual inspection of different objects (baggage, mail, etc.) without opening them to reveal objects, materials and substances that are prohibited for import/export or differ from declared content .

Its use allows to effectively inspect parcels, small baggage and personal belongings to detect dangerous objects (including identification of substances by effective atomic number) and other prohibited items.






BV 6045DV

 -Dual-view technology
- Automatic identification of suspicious objects
- The fault-tolerant configuration
- Real-time self-diagnostics
- Availability 7 and 3 colors imagingiing



BV 100100DV

 - Dual-view technology
- Automatic identification of suspicious objects
- The fault-tolerant configuration
- Real-time self-diagnostics
- Availability 7 and 3 colors imaging


 DTP 200LV

The dtp 200lv, a drive through portal vehicle and van x-ray security inspection system was specially developed for the detection of different dangerous and forbidden objects hidden inside passenger vehicles and vans. Due to its high-throughput screening gateway the dtp system can scan up to 120 vehicles per hour, so it seems to be really effective x-ray inspection system for the high-traffic areas.


DTP 320/200DV

DTP 320/200DV is intended for detection of weapons, explosives, contraband, illegal drugs and other dangerous objects hidden inside the passenger cars and vans.

It also comprises the below Features-

  • Dual View technology
  • High penetration
  • High quality X-ray images.
  • Dual energy imaging.
  • Two mode of scanning.
  • Radiation safety




Detection Solution:


JewonSecurity :



Model PC15000

- Instant and accurate detection by using most advanced DSP.

- None blind spot by 33 multi-zone detection

- Bi-detection technology eliminates the sensitivity difference between panels.

- High Discrimination modes for various metal objects are programmed.

- Access Control system,

CCTV and other security equipment can be integrated using I/O ports.

- Remote Controller is available

- 1~99 units can be operated by controlling program on computer.




Model PC13000

       -Applied Bi-Detection and super Sensitivity technology applied.

- High Discrimination modes for various metal objects are programmed.

- Access Control system,CCTV and other security equipment can be integrated using I/O ports.

- Remote Controller is available

- 1~99 units can be operated by controlling program on computer.


PC150 is the latest product. Its sensitivity is very good, so you can detect very small-size metal like staples. Vibration mode make it possible for using in need of keeping quite. Strong and light-weight produced, it is convenient for use.


PC130, fitted with CPU, alarms disorder of the detectors through LED. Because of fitting Dual LED, you can handle it easily. With high sensitivity, it detects very small metals accurately and easily.




MDS8000- Walkthrough Metal Detector

The MDS8000 is the basic model in our range, with accurate detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed alloy metal weapons.

  • 6 detection zones with LED strip to indicate the detected areas
  • Automatic self diagnostic when powered on
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Adjustable sensitivity

MDS8050 - Walkthrough Metal Detector

The MDS8050 is our mid range model with battery backup for continuous use

  • 18 detection zones for pin point detection
  • 7 inch LCD screen with infrared remote controller
  • Digital signal processing for better stability
  • Automatic self diagnostic when powered on
  • Automatically counts passengers and alarm times
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 4 hours battery back-up
  • Anti-interference from environmental frequency


MDS9000 - Walkthrough Metal Detector

  1. Self diagnostic when powered on
  2. Zone management: detection zones can be adjusted to 6, 16 or 24 zones
  3. Adjustable Sensitivity
  4. Sound Alarm, 1-25 secs alarm time
  5. LED alarm, 4 LED lights on each side
  6. Battery back for approximately 4 hours
  7. Network Support (optional)
  8. Automatically count passengers and alarm times
  9. Vibration Protection to prevent false alarms
  10. Maximum detecting speed up to 100 passenger per minute
  11. Waterproof for outdoor use


Hand Held Metal Detector-  HM-1000

 The HM-1000 is a compact Hand-Held Metal Detector, this device is used for security inspection. It is easy to use, highly effective when detecting metal objects,Visual and audible alarms will warn the operator when objects are detected.



Braun Hand Held Metal & Radiation Detector

  • Radiation & Metal Detection
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy to Operate
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Gamma Sensitive Radiation Detection
  • Super Metal Sensitivity
  • Sound and Vibration Alarm





Box tripod turnstile TB-01.1 is a compact and elegant solution to equip your entrance point; installed in a line several turnstiles form a secure passageway without installation of extra guide barriers. The box turnstile features 2 built-in readers with a Wiegand interface connection with a controller.

 Operating voltage                                                        12 V DC

Power consumption                                                      20 W

Consumption current                                                    0.8 A

Number of passage directions                                      2

Throughput rate (in the single passage mode)             30 persons/min

Throughput rate (in the free passage mode)                60 persons/min

Dimensions (length×width×height)                               770×1170×1030 mm

Passageway width                                                        580 mm

Operating temperature range                                       from +1 °C to +50 °C

IP Code                                        IP41

"Anti-panic" barrier arms                                             mechanical

Standard interface                                                       Wiegand

Number of readers                                                       2

Reading range                                                             8 cm

Reading range                                                         6 cm

Mean time to failure                                                     4 000 000 passages




The TTR-04.1

 The TTR-04.1 compact tripod turnstiles provide a universal access control solution. High throughput capacity of this model enables effective management of even intense pedestrian flows.

A wide range of colour options makes the TTR-04.1 suitable for various indoor applications in offices, banks, exhibition centers, museums, administrative buildings, retail outlets, railway terminals, airports, etc.

  • Operating voltage12 V DC
  • Power consumption8.5 W
  • Consumption current0.7 A
  • Number of passage directions2
  • Throughput rate (in the single passage mode)30 persons/min
  • Throughput rate (in the free passage mode)60 persons/min
  • Dimensions (length×width×height), without barrier arms280×260×1050 mm
  • Dimensions (length×width×height), with barrier arms855×810×1050 mm
  • Passageway width600 mm
  • Operating temperature rangefrom +1 °C to +50 °C
  • IP CodeIP41
  • Mean lifetime8 years
  • Mean time to failure4 000 000 passages 

 ANCI Group:




This Portable WTMD detectsany metal or non ferrous metal which can be used for terror or harmful activity during VIP ceremony.It is portable WTMD so that it can be easily moved and deployedIn indoor or outdoor. No worry about the AC power lost  thanks to Backup battery for4 hours operation.



IED (Improvised Explosives Device) / Bomb Detector,  

NLJD (Non Linear Junction Detector)

Electronic Stethoscope:

It Detects
- Bomb
- IED (Improvised Explosives Device)
- RCIED (Remote control IED)
- Electricity
- Any signal from Analog or Digital


Explosives & Narcotic Detector


 It Detects
- Explosives
- Narcotic
- Chemical warfare substance








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