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Security Solution for Hard Copy

What is Phidélity (Security Solution for Hard Copy) ?

Phidélity is a document security product that protects sensitive hardcopy printouts, guarding against unauthorised printing, forgery, counterfeiting and leakage by integrating advanced security technologies with innovative ideas. Phidélity does not require change in user behaviour and uses only normal paper and a conventional laser printer with ordinary toner.


Phidélity Document Security Features














Deployment and Verification

Phidélity can be used in two ways:

Enterprise deploymentfor generic printing via applications such as MS Office.
e-Services deploymentfor printing via web application to serve a specific domain.

The features in a secure document can be verified in variety of ways, both automated and manual.




















Industry Applications

Providing assurance in the issuance of Licenses, Permits, Certificates, Stamp Duty documents and protecting against leakage of confidential and sensitive documents.

Financial Services (Banking and Insurance)
Establishing credibility and trust between financial institutions and stakeholders by securing documents such as insurance policies, letters of credit and confidential documents such as Merger & Acquisition documents.

Defence and Security (Homeland Security)
Safeguarding the national interest by securing and protecting highly sensitive documents against leakage.

Legal (Judiciary)
Securing sensitive information such as notarised documents and contracts against forgery, counterfeit and unauthorised disclosure.

Transportation and Distribution (Trade and Logistics)
Building trust amongst trading entities by securing cross-border documents such as Bills of Lading, Airway Bills, Cargo Clearance Permits, Certificates of Origin


Key Benefits

COST SAVINGS : All Phidélity features can be printed from conventional laser printers without the use of special toner or paper; deploying Phidélity will not increase operational expenditure.

CONVENIENCE : Minimal change in the user’s printing behaviour. Features can be verified both offline and online, through a wide range of channels such as software client, embedded device, web service, fax and email.

CREDIBILITY : Phidélity ensures that documents issued retain their authenticity, enabling these hardcopy documents to be trusted by other parties.


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