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Security Metal Detection Solution

1. Archway Metal Detector:

Jewon Security Corporation has developed Korea’s first commercialized metal detector and through many years of accumulated know-hows and consistent development led us to develop the most accurate 33 Multi-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector that can scan both ways. This is the second in the world and currently, only two other American manufacturing companies and Jewon Security can produce these scanners.
33 Zone location marking method resolves the existing problem of blind spots that 18 Zone marking method had. Also, both panels have antennas in order for detecting transmissions from both sides and preventing the balance problem.
The exact wave analysis and the fastest calculating speed of DSP circuit application allows metallic reaction control and equipment set-up depending on different situations. For instance, for security scanning purposes, it can use a program that higher reactions of metals and for prohibiting electronic device, it can use the appropriate program.
6 types of detection program is provided and the user can choose them without limits.
It has a sensitivity in 100 levels so that it can be controlled from less sensitive to very sensitive. Additionally, alarm sounds can be controlled very easily. Alarm sound can be controlled very easily.


2. Hand Held Metal Detector

 Linear Detection method is applied in Hand Held Metal Detector. This product is a brand new product with a high sensitivity that can detect not only weapons but also small electronic devices.

Since it has a vibration function, it can be used in places with loud noises and quite places. It prevents stimulating sounds in order to stabilize mentally.
It can be used nearby iron gates or large metallic by lessening the sensitivity.

2.1 Main Functions

- Warning Light : Once it detects metallic objects, it lights up with red light and alarm or vibration may occur.
- Sensitivity Control : Sensitivity can be controlled but pressing the button on the right in order to use it nearby iron gates and enormous metallic structures without any errors.
- Warning light for low power : Once the battery is exhausted or has a low power, the door will give out a red warning light.



3. Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Checking the lower part of the car can be approached easily but because it is hard to see the details of it, setting a bomb is relatively simple. Also, it is difficult to detect what is underneath a car because in order to do so, one has to bend his or her body. For resolving difficulties, Under Vehicle Search Mirror has been made. Model JI-911SM has a spherical mirror that has a diameter of 250mm and this mirror is made up of aryl so that it is hard to be damaged by an impact. It is divided into two levels and adjusting the length of this product is easy. Once it is extended the longest, it can search underneath a heavy-duty truck. For places that are dark or during the night, LED lights can be used. The rod and mirror are detachable; it can be put into a bag.

3.1 Main set up places

Inchon International Airport, Kimpo International Airport, Busan New Port and 12 other international airports and domestic airports Government Complex, National Police Agency, Court House and main public office Security service and police office security service agency and district police agencies Ministry of National, the Defense Security Command, Air Force Base and main army unit Samsung Electronics and other domestic and foreign large corporations.

3.2 Main Components

-Mirror: 250mm / acrylic material / 3 slippery mirrors attached on the lower part of the mirror
- Light: waterproof LED lantern / Inserted 3 AAA batteries
- Rod: length 700mm ~ 1500mm
- Weight: 1.2kg


4. Under Vehicle Searching System

Under Vehicle Searching System recognizes cars by their plates and distinguishes them by authorized cars, unauthorized cars and dangerous vehicles and send the images of the lower part of the car to a computer at the same time. Attached dangerous substance can be detected automatically. It can detect cars at 30km/h maximum, has fully waterproof function, and air dry for preventing moisture and condensation phenomenon. It can endure 30 ton cars; it can easily endure light-weight cars and 10ton trucks.

4.1 Main set up places:

Army unit, Security Service, National Police Agency

4.2 Monitoring:

CCTV window can observe the current situation in real time. The numbers on the plates are recognized and they are saved in the Information DB automatically.
The lower window shows the image sent in real time and once the mouse contacts the image, it enlarges on the window to the right.

4.3 Suspicious item automatic search function:

Once it detects something suspicious, an alarm system activates.






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