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Network Monitoring Solution

Solution Covers: 

  • Comprehensive control and complete visibility into your entire network infrastructure.

  • Automatic detection and monitoring of all devices in wired and wireless networks.

  • Receive alarms and automatic troubleshooting to resolve problems before they are noticeable for users.

 Monitoring The Application Performance

  • Powerful insight into application performance, virtual environments and network traffic

  • Manage the performance and availability of mission-critical applications that run on Microsoft, Linux, Java and virtual environments.

  • Check with the visibility into network traffic flows, whether bandwidth priorities for key applications and services have been set.

  • Flow monitor

  • Application Performance Monitor

System Management

  • Automated Security, Compliance and Governance

  • Simple automation of configuration management, log monitoring and inventory control to reduce repetitive manual processes.

  • Maintain, checking and saving of device configurations for change management and compliance with regulatory and IT policies.

  • Log management

  • Configuration management

Key Features

  •  Complete Layer 2 and 3 discovery

  • ARP, SSH, SNMP v1-3, IPv4/6 address range, ICMP, LLDP, Smartscan, hosts file…

  • Infrastructure assets - network devices, WAPs and LAN controllers, servers, deployed software, VMware VMs, VLANs and port-to-port connectivity

  • On-demand or scheduled discovery

  • Scan partial or entire network

  • Automatically update maps and inventory Mapping

  • Detailed Layer 2/3 topology maps with wired, wireless, physical and virtual infrastructures

  • Physical and IP connectivity, VMware host-guest relationships, VLAN and subnet views, physical system location

  • Full map customization

  • Visualization of device dependencies and multi-level topology

  • Layer 2 Trace Route utility

  • Save, print or share maps with your team Monitoring

  • SNMP, SSH and WMI Support

  • Wireless infrastructure: bandwidth consumption, client count, rogue count, RSSI data, CPU utilization, signal-to-noise ratio and memory utilization

  • Up to 20,000 devices and 100,000 monitors with single WhatsUp Gold server

  • Enhanced real-time monitoring with Split - Second Graphs and Instant Info

  • WMI application monitoring

  • Hardware monitoring (i.e. UPS, printer, fan, temperature)

  • Synthetic application monitoring

  • Custom monitoring: Jscript, VBScript & PowerShell

  • SQL Query Monitor for SQL Server, My SQL & Oracle

  • MIB Walker, MIB Explorer and MIB Manager

  • Performance monitors (i.e. CPU utilization, disk space, memory)

  • Preconfigured active/passive monitors

  • Support for both 32- and 64-bit counters Inventory

  • Comprehensive asset and inventory reporting

  • Device & asset information: hardware, software, firmware, model, power supplies, serial number

  • Systems inventory information: OS version, patches and warranty information

  • Configuration information: interfaces, bridge ports, switch ports and VLANs

  • IP/MAC Address Finder utility Alerts, Reporting & Management

  • Centralized alerting for all performance issues, traffic bottlenecks and configuration errors

  • 200+ customizable dashboard reports

  • Configurable multi-escalation policies

  • Blackout reports/alert suppression

  • Role-based management with Active Directory integration

  • Scheduling of recurring reports and report distribution

  • Report export as email, Excel® or PDF

  • 18 types of configurable alerts including email, pager and SMS text Security

  • FIPS 140-2 encryption and validation, Cert #1051 by NIST

  • Auto detection of a FIPS 140-2 validated operating system

  • Role-based access control and integration with Active Directory and LDAP services

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