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Face Recognition System


Ayonix Public Security

 Ayonix Public Security (APS ver5.0) is an interactive real time face detection and recognition application which detects and identifies persons of interest supporting security staff, marketing departments and operations management in one single application.

APS detects people’s faces in live cameras and instantly matches with enrollment database to check whether person is in the database. If yes, APS publishes an alarm and sends email to the security staff.



Ayonix Customer Analytics (AYCA)

Marketing analytic tool by Gender and Age analyzer for Digital Signage and Retail markets Counting of visitors, analyzing their gender, ages, frequency of shop visiting is an important part of any retail business. AYCA is used to estimate trends of attendance, to schedule staff work, to manage sales staff performance, to evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing activities



Ayonix Facematcher

Ayonix FaceMatcher is a cloud-based Face recognition service which allows any Iphone/Ipad/Android phone users to make a match by uploading an image from their phones. FaceMatcher software offers photograph matching from large database. With Ayonix state-of-the-art face recognition algorithms, FaceMatcher solution saves time to find people you are looking for quickly. FaceMatcher provides a valuable resource for identifying people of your interest.



Ayonix FaceID-SDK

 Ayonix Face-ID SDK finds human faces from Digital Media (Image/Video) and recognizes them if there is a record of the person. Ayonix Face-ID SDK is a cutting edge facial recognition software which is especially designed to be integrated into existing applications or new applications.



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