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Email security Solution



Cybonet combines multiple cybersecurity tools and capabilities in one solution - securing networks of all sizes and providing unified defense against a continuously evolving threat landscape.



Cybowall is a non-intrusive, agentless solution that provides complete and continuous monitoring of the network across all protocols and extending to all endpoints. Cybowall protects the network in real time; detecting and reacting to threats as they arise. Cybowall combines multiple cybersecurity tools and capabilities in one solution - securing networks of all sizes and providing unified defense against a continuously evolving threat landscape. 


PineApp Mail Secure™

Every business needs an intelligent, real-time solution to repel malware and other advanced threats on your network. PineApp Mail Secure seamlessly integrates with existing email servers, like Office 365, to provide necessary protection from malicious and inadvertent email-borne threats. Whether installed on local hardware or a virtual platform, PineApp Mail Secure neutralizes advanced threats with a multi layer anti-spam and anti-virus system, enforced user defined policy controls, automated virus updates and add-on a-la-carte solution modules

Outbound Spam Guard (OSG)

The CYBONET OSG is a carrier-grade solution that can be easily deployed to scan and block up to 99% of all unwanted or malicious outbound email traffic. Easy to deploy, the OSG functions as a transparent proxy that informs the Service Provider in real time and with granular level statistics, which IP addresses or hosts within their networks are being controlled by botnets.

The OSG is the ideal solution to neutralize botnet activity within a Service Provider’s network.



Enabling Nodes


We provide all kinds of hardware solutions & office equipment i.e., server, router, switch, brand PC laptop, printer, scaner for corporate, SMEs and individual clients.


Types of Hardware Services

One time purchase

One time purchase or rental and installation

One time purchase or rental, installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance



Server (use for)

Organizing and safeguarding your business information

Controlling fluctuating workload Reliability fluctuating workload Reliability.

Reliability, scalability, seamless connectivity and improves collaboration

To make faster expansion

Automated Backup Systems help to secure business information

Types and available brands-

  • Rack-Mount Server


  • Tower Server


  • Blade server


Router (use for)

Help to establish secured and stable network infrastructure

Help to share internet connection

Help to share printer

Help to share resources among the computers

Help to share free spaces among the computers

Help to play network computer games head to head as well as on a team

Available Brand-

Switch (Use for)

Establishing physical connectivity between lots of network equipment such as computer, printer, IP-phone all type of network equipment

Types of available Brand-

Layer -2 (manageable / Unmanageable)

Layer -3 (manageable)



Bandwidth Manager (use for)

It enables the process of measuring and controlling the traffic, packets on a network link, to avoid filling the link to capacity or overfilling the link, which would result in network congestion and poor performance of the network.

Types of available Brand-


Security / Firewall (use for)

Designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is frequently used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass.

Types and Available Brands


Wireless access point (use for)

Allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or related standards

Types and Available Brands

Wireless routers (use for)

A Wireless router is a device that performs the functions of a router but also includes the functions of a wireless access point and a network switch. They are commonly used to allow access to the Internet or a computer network without the need for a cabled connection



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