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FAQ-Power & Energy

1. Descriptive Analysis of Battery Health:

when we buy batteries, it is expected that it will serve till it’s warranty period at least. But in reality, for few cases batteries do not last even till the warranty period.
Now the question is,
why the backup and life time of batteries are happening to be reduced so dramatically ?

The Answers are;

> The reduction on battery backup time and life time occur due to increasing impurity
> Increased impurity is the cause of battery sickness, which generally starts by 6 to 8 months  
> Higher the sickness lower the backup time & life time
> If sickness are allowed to grow, eventually it will lead to death before using it’s full capacity

The Effects are;

> Users are bound to replace the battery though it usually has 40% - 50% unused life capacity
> If you use a group of batteries, then this sick battery hamper the whole group performance
> Whole group performance reduces to the level of faulty battery though other batteries are good enough to give desired backup at load

Recommendation are:

> Check health of your batteries by  Battery Regeneration Solution. BTL provides report on battery health, which will allow you to understand current scenario of your battery bank
> You are strongly encouraged to regenerate your batteries by Battery Regeneration Solution if any sickness remains.


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