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Battery Regeneration Solution

As part of the commitment of quality innovative service, we BTL Power has brought a true battery regeneration solution for your organization and of course first time in Bangladesh.

Key Points:

  • Identifying less performing battery from the group

  • Ensuring group wise optimal performance of the batteries


Step 1: Checking voltage & temperature before regeneration
Step 2: Conducting capacity test of the batteries
Step 3: Analyzing data and identifying the batteries having less capacity
Step 4: Performing regeneration
Step 5: Rechecking voltage & temperature after regeneration
Step 6: Finding out the batteries that still having less capacity or Voltage
Step 7: Suggesting to separate those batteries from the group

Your Benefits:

  • Enable you to expand 3-5 years of the batteries life time for your organization

  • Enable you to develop backup time up to 90% of original backup time

  • Reduces charging time thus save electricity bill

  • Enable you to save from battery budget

  • Environmental Friendliness enables you to live green

  • Simplifying battery maintenance

  • Enable you to stop premature cell damage

  • Enable you to identify the unfit batteries from the group to replace

Features of Our Battery Regenerator:

  • Identifying less performing batteries from the group

  • Ensuring Battery group wise optimal performance

  • Enhancing battery life time

  • Equalizing cell voltage

  • Desulphating

  • Solving dry out problem of the batteries

  • Removing soft short

  • Conducting and analyzing health of the individual and group batteries

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