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Why Join BTL

It would be useful to pull together different aspects for career to grow in a company that summarizes why exactly BTL is a great place to work and why you should apply. Here are few reasons to persuade you;


Career Progression

Career progression was an extremely important feature when anybody is applying for graduate jobs. Everybody wants to have the opportunities to move forward with their career quickly if they work hard enough. From this perspective, BTL does not disappoint. The aim of BTL’s management is to prepare you for a management position within two years of joining the company and each placement seeks to support this as much as possible.

To support this steep career progression, learning and development is vital. Graduates take part in a variety of mandatory training courses throughout the development periods aimed at providing a foundation for transitioning to a managing position in the future. Additionally, BTL supports further qualifications for certain functions.

Another benefit is the fact that your salary progresses in line with your career. As graduates at BTL employees are lucky enough to receive salary reviews (in line with performance) every six months during early period of the career as well as an annual review. Essentially, work hard and you will be rewarded to reflect this.

Overseas Opportunities

It’s useful to note straight away that this benefit isn’t a guarantee and not everyone on the scheme has the chance to visit abroad during their tenure. It is however a possibility and for many a reality. Over the next couple of months, a number of graduates are taking up placements abroad.


Variable workload has been a major factor of making a role as enjoyable as possible. It is expected by the employees to find a role (and a career) that is as diverse as possible and BTL has provided this. Its cliché, but no day is the same. Daily tasks range from working on the Sourcing training, building communication on site, supporting Managers at daily meetings and engaging with various stakeholders from across the business.

So there you have it, few reasons why working for BTL could be the best decision you’ve ever made. If this doesn’t persuade you feel free to contact us on Facebook / LinkedIn. Both channels are manned by own employees and we do respond to all questions.



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