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Maintenance Solution

BTL ISP wing offers wide range of maintenance solution in order to ease customers life in different segment. Below are the area of solutions offered by the maintenance services.


 1. Dark Fiber Maintenance

> The direct connectivity between branches / locations to bring users under one single network. 

2. Local Area Network Maintenance

> Internal device connecting network i.e., cable management, configuration management

3. Mail Server Maintenance

> For SMEs, we offer local hosted mail server and its maintenance to provide enterprise email support to small group of employees.

4. Router Configuration Maintenance

> High end Routers connecting to a network to control the bandwidth management is certainly a service offered by us. Our specialized technical team can handle the solution over remote access management as well as physical installation.

5. Resident Engineer

> Our Specialized technical team use to work in customer premises to support they regular technical assistance. The skill required to serve the purpose depends on the merit of the tasks.



There are 2 (two) packages for the above services.

1. Monthly subscription

* Maximum number of visit is limited by the offer in respect of technical survey and evaluation.

2. On Call Subscription



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